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SOBOBA Trail Rider Information


Don't be late to the Soboba Trail Ride Paddock this year. There will be special rider notes and course information discussed at the rider's meeting. Due to the excellent, moist conditions on the course and real water crossings - your attention will be required. And don't forget you'll need a side-stand or a "stick" to stage your bike in line. The Trail Ride Team is going to work hard to get all the riders off at the start in a good pace so we can avoid delays, bottle necks and frustration. Please make sure your bike is ready to run properly and you're geared up ready to go. THANKS!


Pay special attention to the Soboba Trail Ride staff as they direct traffic when you arrive at the Trail Ride Paddock. Because of the Soboba Solar Farm, some of the paddock is changed in location from prior rides. Please follow the direction of the ride staff when you get there. 



Don't be late to the Soboba Trail Ride Paddock this year. There will be special rider notes and course information discussed at the rider's meeting. Due to the excellent, moist conditions on the course and real water crossings - your attention will be required.


February 26th 2017 – Rain or Shine.   Alexander Smith is first rider out at 8:00 AM


  • GET YOUR MOTORCYCLE READY – Now that you’ve been accepted to ride this event, make sure your motorcycle is ready. Is the carburetor clean? Will your motorcycle start and run easily? Are the tires and chassis in good condition and safe? Make sure that the exhaust is equipped with a USFS-approved spark arrestor and that it’s not too loud. See page two of this letter for dealers that can aid you with parts or service

  • SOBOBA TRAIL RIDE OFFICIALS – Ride Officials will be wearing blaze-orange vests and are here to help you enjoy the ride. These officials and the Check-in staff are volunteers so they deserve your cooperation and respect. Whether in the pits or on the trail, please follow the directions of the ride official

  • CHECK-IN - 6:00 AM - Check-in early to get your START STICKER and collector’s ride decal. At Check-in your entry will be verified off our master list - this permits you entrance to the reservation for the ride. At Check-in and again at the Rider’s Meeting you will be advised of the current course and weather conditions. This will permit you to make your decision about riding and what gear you will need to use

  • BREAKFAST – 6:00 AM – Breakfast and coffee will be available in the pits

  • LOOK AT AND VOTE – Take a look at the classic motorcycles assembled in the paddock for the SOBOBA Rides Vintage Motorcycle Classic, presented by K&N. Vote for your favorite bike in the MX, Enduro or Street class (get your ballot at Check-In). Winners announced at lunch.

  • STAGE YOUR MOTORCYCLE - Once you have checked-in, you can stage your motorcycle in a orderly line, no more than four across, from the starting line. DO NOT start your engine. Please allow room for others and Ride Officials to move around the pits


  • RIDER MEETING - 7:45 AM – There will be a mandatory Rider’s Meeting just prior to the start. Malcolm Smith will provide important event information and your attendance is required. DON’T MISS this meeting!

  • NO ENGINES UNTIL 7:50 AM - Please, do not start you motorcycle BEFORE 7:50 AM. Please respect the Soboba Reservation residents and their safety. Remember, they have permitted this event to be held based upon your courtesy and respect

  • NO PIT BIKES or PIT RACING. All motorcycles must be pushed to and from the start/finish line (Ride Officials excluded)


  • NO SPECTATORS - this is a rider-only event. No one is allowed through the gate unless you are a rider with a Confirmation Letter or have an approved Entry Form. Sorry, no spouses, significant others, buddies or pets (spouses, relatives and friends can enjoy the dining and fun of the Soboba Casino while you are out on the ride). Please don’t embarrass yourself or us by bringing a spectator

  • BE PREPARED – Select the right gear for the conditions, carry water and basic tools, and ride at your own pace.

  • COURSE RULES – Most of the course is laid out with ribbons. Ride Officials will be stationed at certain check points to make sure you follow the course properly. DO NOT CUT THE COURSE – if you do so, you will be asked to leave. Ride Officials will be monitoring and sweeping the designated trails. This is a ride laid-out for experienced riders only and honest participation is half the fun. Remember, the tribe allows use to ride on the designated trails ONLY and we are very serous about enforcing this rule

  • RIDE SMART – Use the buddy system and don’t abandon your partner(s). Be ready to help if stuck on a tough hill or a difficult water crossing. If you cannot make a section of the trail, don’t hurt yourself trying. STOP, rest a minute, collect yourself and your thoughts and take an easier path if you can. If you get tired, stop at the next check and ask a Ride Official for directions back to the pits via an easier route.

  • BE ALERT - Be aware and listen and look for other motorcycles on the trail. If you break down or injure yourself let someone know so they can advise the Ride Officials at the next check or in the pits. Stay where you are, don’t stray from the designated course

  • SHARE THE TRAIL – Please bear in mind that the Soboba Reservation residents may be out on THEIR land, too. They also have cattle in some areas and these livestock have the right-of-way. BE COURTEOUS – we appreciate the use of their land.

  • LUNCH BREAK – After the first loop there will be a lunch break. Food (Indian, American and Mexican fare) will be available. During this time Ride Officials will announce the start time for the optional (often more difficult) second loop. Bike Show winner announcement will occur during the Lunch Break

  • COMMEMORATIVE APPAREL – Don’t forget that special Soboba apparel will be for sale.

  • BE TIDY – Put trash in its proper place, in a trash can or pack-it-out

  • LOOK SHARP & BEHAVE – Press coverage, both print and electronic media, will be at the event.


    Thank you – Bob Graziano