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Sunday, February 28th 2016
Join us for the
37th Annual Soboba Trail Ride!
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BREAKING NEWS: Entry Price Remains the Same!

Sunrise on another Soboba Trail Ride...
Ride the SOBOBA Indian Reservation's private hills, trails and water-crossings during the famous SOBOBA Trail Ride. Led by off-road great Malcolm Smith, this ride takes you back in time when you could ride your off-road motorcycle on trails that were not blocked by fences, housing tracks or pesky neighbors. Discover why professional riders, industry greats, Hollywood stuntmen and riders of all levels congregate each year to get their one shot to ride where no one is allowed to ride the rest of the year. This ride is challenging, but not impossible for riders of lower skill levels. It's an event and you need to be a part of it - Click on the menu at left to go get a entry form!
FLASHBACK - Malcolm showing the world that three inches was enough suspension in the day...

Pre-ride and Event Support by Suzuki.
Suzuki - The First on Four Wheels

Back again, presented by K&N, is our SOBOBA Rides Vintage Motorcycle Classic. The Classic is a show for motorcycles older than 25-years with trophies and gifts for the best MX, Enduro and Street bikes. Each entry gets a chance at a parade lap before the formal start of the Trail Ride, plus a special, optional course is available to ride your classic bike on. 

Not only can you display your prized collectable, but off-road capable vintage bikes can ride a specially prepared portion of the Trail Ride course. Dust off your prized mount and let her rip around on open trails - just like when she was new. Click on the menu at left to go get a entry form!
True single track still exisits on the Rez!
Bob Sez to get moving on your entry and ride prep so you don't miss a day on the Rez with Malcolm


Pre-entry closes 2/14/2016. - DO NOT COUNT ON POST-ENTRY
Go to the ENTRY FORM page and download the forms you need! 

A Special Thanks to Malcolm and his staff for aiding us in making each Trail Ride a success!
Visit Malcolm's Riverside Super Store for your motorcycle, ATV, watercraft, parts or service needs. To learn more - click on the logo above!
To get on mailing list for future rides or ask entry confirmation questions, call 951-654-9436

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